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FALL 2022 Session

  • Where do I park?
    Frederick County Public Schools has permitted the use of the bathrooms near the Middle School’s football field. Please be respectful to these facilities.
  • What equipment is required?
    SHOULDER PADS are required. Padded shirts will not work. TAPE STICKS to reduce wear. Watch this to see how. PANTS, PANTS, PANTS are required to be worn. We have very few junior small and extra small pants for sale. Otherwise, please purchase. VALID HECC STICKER on helmets is super recommended for your player's safety. Plastic and foam become fragile after the sticker's date. We only rent helmets with valid HECC stickers.
  • Who runs the Top of Virginia Hockey Alliance?
    All volunteers. TOV Hockey is a 100% volunteer run organization. It depends solely on its members to keep the league operating! The spirit of volunteerism is what has made TOV Hockey a very special hockey family. In order to ensure that TOV Hockey remains a vital piece of the Winchester/Frederick County (and surrounding areas) for years to come WE WILL NEED YOUR HELP. Without your involvement, we could lose our autonomy with things like fairly unlimited access to the rink, flexibility in scheduling and so much more. Coming soon to your inbox will be opportunities to become involved. No lifetime assignments. Simple needs like scorekeepers, timekeepers, and rink maintenance folks.
  • What are the rules?
    WHAT IS THE GAME LENGTH Approximately 50 minutes for 13U and 18U. 14 minute periods with 3 minute breaks between periods No overtime during regular season. 3 Round shootout to determine winner, if tied after 3rd round, game is a tie. WHAT RULES ARE WE FOLLOWING We are following the USARS rule book as stated by AAU Sports with slight modifications. Some modifications 1. 5-goal limit per player per game with a 2-minute unsportsmanlike penalty if a player scores after their 5th goal with the goal not counting 2. ONE pass must be attempted after crossing the defensive blue line, if a goal is scored without a pass, then the goal does not count. FULL GEAR IS REQUIRED TO PLAY. Referees will check before each game. NO BODY CONTACT IS PERMITTED -incidental or otherwise -any contact will result in a minor penalty at minimum.
  • Where do I park?
    Feel free to quickly unload your hockey player and their gear in front of the rink. Then, we ask that you park your vehicle up at the parking lot up above the rink around the fence. Please do not park along the road leading into rink or directly in front of the rink. We need to keep that open for emergency purposes and such.
  • What is the schedule?
    September 11 | Evals/First Practices September 18 | Practices ALL September 25 | Practices ALL October 2 | Development - Practice & Leagues - Games October 9 | Development - Practice & Leagues - Games October 16 | Practices ALL October 23 | Development - Practice & Leagues - Games October 30 | Development - Scrimmages & Leagues - Games November 6 | Development - Scrimmages & Leagues - Games November 13 | Practices ALL November 20 | Development - Scrimmages & Leagues - Games November 27 | NO HOCKEY December 4 | Development - Scrimmages & Leagues - Games December 11 | Championships
  • So what happens if it snows, rains or too hot?
    Well, the retractable roof is on order. Just kidding. Obviously safety is paramount. If rink cannot be dried via sun, towels, squeegee or blower, games/practices will be cancelled and rescheduled to the best of our ability. If temperatures are above 85 degrees, games/practices are cancelled and will be rescheduled to the best of our ability. Saturday evening and Wednesday evenings are the most likely time for any reschedule games. All cancellations/reschedules will be posted to Facebook and Email Blast with as much notice as possible.
  • AAU membership, what is that?
    AAU Sports provides the necessary liability and accident coverage for the Top of Virginia Hockey Alliance to operate. Frederick County Parks and Recreation requires that we carry this and your player must have a number to participate. You can obtain AAU membership for your player @ The club number is W3769T. Once secured, please bring a copy of your insurance card (will be emailed by AAU) on September 11th or can be emailed before then to
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