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To prospective sponsor of the Top of Virginia Hockey Alliance:



The Top of Virginia Hockey Alliance was formed as a 501c3 organization in 2017 to provide all levels of play including recreational and competitive inline and ball hockey experiences to the youth (4 -18) of the Greater Winchester, Virginia Area.  The mission also called for instilling the life skills of hockey (i.e., teamwork, pride, sportsmanship) into our participants.   In 2019, TOV Hockey sought to further elevate the hockey culture through the construction of an outdoor inline hockey rink at James Wood Middle School.  A partnership built this rink, which included the Washington Capitals, Frederick County Public Schools, Frederick County Parks & Recreation and a long list of local corporate citizens.  The rink opened to much community fanfare in August of 2021.



While TOV Hockey is a non-contact league, players are required wear full gear (helmets, shoulder pads, etc.) for safety purposes.  We operate two principal sessions.  One in the Fall from September to December and another from January to May.  With each session, our participation levels have increased.  The past session engaged over 80 players.  Camps, clinics and specials events are held over the summer months. 











Given the outdoor nature of our activities, high temperatures have forced multiple game cancellations/extreme game modifications due to concerns about players safety/overheating.  As such, TOV Hockey is raising funds to “Light-Up” the rink.  The “Light-Up” project’s total budget is estimated at $26,000 for the hardware and an additional $25-30,000 for labor and installation. 

“Lighting-Up” the rink would permit moving activities until later in the day when cooler weather conditions are likely more prevalent. Given our enrollment projections, the lights will also permit the expansion of time when we can offer programs.  Our programs are nearing maximum capacity. 


TOV Hockey is extremely proud that the rink was built with time, treasure and talent from the community.  No government monies were involved.  Our community’s rink is the only one built this way, as best we know, and we are extremely grateful for the community's love for youth hockey.


To that end, TOV Hockey is seeking additional community partners (full list enclosed) for this youth-focused project.   Enclosed are our standard partnership packages that include levels of giving starting at $1,500.  Package benefits range from single team sponsorship to advertising on the rink dasher boards.   


Not only will league players and fans identify your support for the project during practices, games and other activities year around, but other groups will also be exposed to your support including:   


  • Nearly 1,000 public school students at James Wood Middle School during PE class each day 

  • James Wood Middle School Football Games

  • Washington Capital Street Hockey clinics

  • Blue Ridge Youth Soccer players from adjacent soccer fields  

  • Walkers, runners and bicyclers using the main access point of MSV Trails


Frederick County Public Schools and the Washington Capitals must approve all sponsorships. The school system must verify to ensure compliance with their advertisement policy and the Washington Capitals must verify against conflicts with current team sponsors. 

Community support has been essential to make the outdoor rink happen.  Thank you for your consideration and please advise if you have any questions.  I look forward to working with your company to share the sport of hockey with the youth in our community.

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